michael scimeca

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Michael Scimeca was born on Long Island in New York. While living there, he spent his first 30 years pursuing his love for music and theater. As a musician (guitarist/singer/songwriter) and performer (member of The Red Stocking Revue), he spent many years in front of live audiences. In 1989, he moved to Atlanta to pursue his interests in natural health and healing. In 1993, he earned his doctorate degree in chiropractic. Over the past 20+ years, Dr. Michael has been leading seminars and presenting programs helping people and organizations achieve greater levels of health and success. After starting a family and watching his children move into the entertainment field, he returned doing live theater, most notably playing John Spencer in Earl Hammer, Jr.'s "The Homecoming" and Murray the Cop in Neil Simon's "Oscar and Felix: A New Look at the Odd Couple." He appeared in many movies over the past few years. As an in-demand actor, what was Michael's favorite phrase? "Let's do this!" Today, he has become more selective in accepting roles, looking more at content and production rather than roles. For that reason, he has taken a wait-and-see approach to acting, waiting to see if the right people and projects come along to inspire him to continue on his path of excellence.





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