How to Get Started:

1) Make an appointment (770-912-9197).

2) Fill out the Entrance Form and bring it with you for your first meeting (or mail it if you are working with Dr. Michael via the phone, Skype, etc.)

Free Trial Offer:

If during the first fifteen minutes of your first session you are not completely satisfied, you may cancel the remainder of your session and there will be no charge.

"I wish I had known you years ago. You would have saved me a lot of strife." -SF

"I love the idea of being an advocate for my own well-being.... When you say things, they seem so basic.... I am so glad I met you (and so is [my husband])." -KG

"You have a great gift. Thank you for sharing it with my family!" -MR

"If I wrote everything you have done for me personally and professionally, it would sound unbelievable.... Let me see, you saved my marriage, helped my kids, and helped me believe in myself again.... I am very grateful." -DS