Helping Yourself Through Empowering Education

Are you ready to enjoy some positive changes in your life? If so, here's a great opportunity. Dr. Michael has the tools and passion to be a refreshing addition for you. A forward thinking professional, he is more than ready, willing, and able to serve you with some of his newer, revolutionary approaches.

Stimulating Conversations that Support a Greater You

Life CoachingGreaterness Coaching is one of his newer contributions to the wellness revolution. It's a psychotechnology that focuses on neuroplasticity, the malleability of the brain, increasing the ease in which you are able to express a greater version of you. (Click HERE for the official Greaterness Coaching Web Site.)

Status Quo or Newer You?

The choice in front of you is really not a choice at all. You're either ready or you're not. Many challenges you face continue to come at you in strict devotion to who you are. As you learn how to serve your emerging you, you become a tremendous force of positivity, an unstoppable, inspired individual who naturally changes things for the better.

Call for an Appointment

To get that ball rolling, call 770-912-9197. You will enjoy having Dr. Michael as a member on your support team. Is it your time? Are you calling?