Michael Scimeca


I hope you find this page helpful. If you're here because you're interested in working with me, feel free to call me (770-912-9197) to make an appointment or ask me questions this site does not address for you.

I started out as a Doctor of Chiropractic over 25 years ago, earning my degree in March of 1993. I opened my first office, Life Force Chiropractic, in August of that year. In 1994, I began developing Catalyst and presented the first Catalyst class in September of 1995. What a wonderful journey that has been!

Thought leadership inspires me, especially as it relates to being as forward thinking as possible. I have devoted my entire professional career around a single point of passion: "Be the Solution."

Today, I continue to develop strategies and approaches to help people move well into their newer and greater lives. Forward Healing, Successions, and Thriveapeutics are just a few of my contributions that have come from my deep dedication to serving unique individuals with my best. I work with an empowering mindset that encourages people to step up in the way they participate in life.

After a tragic event in 1998, I began developing what I call today Greaterness Coaching, which, to me, is simply the practice of talking with people as a primary mode "for being of optimal service." It remains a high honor for me today to be "a member of YOUR success team." That means learning how to serve you optimally, which requires me to be more of a student and less of a guide who gives answers.

My practice today, Living Well Education, provides many services to help people thrive. All of these services are educational, whether I address the mind, the body, or, yes, even the soul, that non-linear, non-local, energetic part of you that transcends the mind and the body, and makes you more of a possibility. How I deliver "the work," however, is largely mediated by the people with whom I share my work. I truly believe, as foolishly as it may sound, that I dispense "Doses of Awesome!" And I learn what that specifically means through working with you. Would you like a dose of awesome? I hope so. Because I truly enjoy serving people and the question, "What would love do now?"


One of my main points of focus that keeps me at my best is neuroplasticity, working the ability of the brain and body to adapt productively and more optimally to stimuli (both internal and external stimuli). Enhancing the brain's inherent ability to process novelty (newness) and variability in new and exciting ways has become a way of life for me. As the quality of stimuli going into a body or person becomes more refined, he or she gets to experience a delightful shift, the movement toward a more optimal functionality.

Above All Do No Harm

All of my services encourage a greater participation in life. This approach proves to be very empowering time and time again, whether the information I am sharing is going directly into the body (through Catalyst or Chiropractic) or into the mind (through Greaterness Coaching). In fact, the wide range of services I provide actually allows me to serve you more precisely and succinctly, in ways that have a higher probability of being more optimal for YOU and your ever-emerging greaterness.

Want More?

Feel free to explore as much as you dare through the web pages of Greaterness Coaching and Catalyst if you are interested more in the discussion and/or body work component of my services. I also have various Video Links available for you to watch if that interests you. These are videos I share during my seminars and classes I present throughout the year. In addition, I also have a blog that offers other resources, including some additional educational videos that may be of interest to you.

The Greater Exploration, however, is YOU!

When you're truly ready for the deeper discoveries that come from having a powerful catalyst in your life, call me (770-912-9197) to setup an appointment. That's when things get really interesting, when they relate directly to you, when you begin to discover the calls you get to answer to be the solution in your life ... for your greater life. So please, be brave, courageous, inspired, and get stated today. Do it for the greater you that truly wants to emerge! That's the real adventure anyway. Welcome to the mystery! :)